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Identifying Opportunities for Applying AIDC Technologies
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Analysis of data handling processes is a significant key to identifying appropriate applications and to establishing the requirements that have to be fulfilled in realizing an effective AIDC approach. This includes data structuring, the type or types of AIDC technology to use, system and associated technology requirements, economic and people-based needs that have to be satisfied.

As far as the technologies are concerned a foundation for selection may be developed from a consideration of technological attributes, and how they relate to requirements without going into too much technical detail on how these attributes are manifest. However, this may not obviate the need for more detailed technical considerations when moving to the specification, implementation and maintenance of a practical system.

In many situations AIDC is key to providing highly efficient solutions for a wide range of carrier and data collection needs, particularly where there is a requirement to identify items, individuals, data, events and locations.

By considering the main areas of application for AIDC, the set of questions presented below have been structured to assist in determining the potential for applying AIDC in small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Management of Information

  • Do you have problems and errors in handling information?
  • Is re-keying of data a common occurrence within your company?
  • Do you have many keying errors?
  • Is management information readily available?
  • Is the management information accurate?
  • Do you encounter difficulties in tracking documents and sources of information?
  • Are aspects of your data handling slow and frustrating?
Questions indicate difficulties the prospect may exist for using AIDC.

Capacity to handle goods

  • Do you encounter problems or inefficiencies in tracking goods internally?
  • Do you encounter problems or inefficiencies in organizing customer orders?
  • Are you part of a supply chain in which the demands for more efficient handling of goods is demanded?
  • Are you sufficiently competitive in dealing with goods?
  • Do you encounter problems or inefficiencies in delivering orders?
  • Are you being required to bar code or apply AIDC in respect to your goods?
  • Do you have the potential to handle more goods, but feel constrained by the staffing implications?

AIDC can often allow you to handle a greater volume of goods and enhance the efficiency with which the goods are handled.


  • Is the throughput of business, goods, manufacturing processes, services or information made difficult or slow due to errors in information or inefficient data handling?
  • Do you have an effective system for tracking customer orders?
  • Do you have an effective and efficient system for managing processes? 
  • Do you see potential for increasing throughput, but feel constrained due to staffing implications?
AIDC can often allow increased throughput with savings in time and without an increase in staffing.

Inventory Space

  • Is your goods handling constrained by the space available?
  • Are you having to spend more on space than you feel is justified?
  • Is the space available for handling goods efficiently organized to allow effective and efficient storage and retrieval?
  • Do you have difficulties in tracking items within the space available?
AIDC may help you to carry less stock, and therefore require less space for storage. AIDC may also allow better organization of stock and more efficient handling.


  • Do you have a need to introduce or enhance time and attendance monitoring?
  • Is manual data entry a significant feature in your business?
  • Do you have a need to formally link jobs to individuals?
  • Do you have problems in tracking and managing manual processes within your company?
AIDC may help you to reduce personnel for manual data entry and handling of goods, freeing them to be gainfully employed elsewhere.


  • Do you have a need to reduce errors in data or information used within your business or provided for customers?
  • Are errors arising within the goods handling or service activities of your company that are causing harm?
  • Do you see any opportunities for improving reliability of data gathering activities within the company?
AIDC invariably provide scope for reducing errors in data or information handling.


  • Do you have a need for personal identification of employees within the company or for the services they provide?
  • Do you have a need to introduce or improve controlled access to secure areas?
  • Do you have problems of theft or misappropriation of goods?
  • Do you have a need to introduce or improve controlled access to information and/or computer-based information management systems?
  • Do you have a need to introduce or improve the security of goods delivery?
  • Do you have a need to introduce or improve a proof-of-delivery service?
AIDC can often provide scope for improving access control, and reduce losses due to theft and proof of delivery.


  • Do you have problems in tracking and managing transportation?
  • Do you have information-based problems in organizing the flow of goods to distribution?
  • Do you have difficulties in maintaining service and maintenance histories on vehicles?
  • Do you have problems in tracking and recovering pallets and containers?
  • Do you have information-based difficulties or inefficiencies in loading and unloading goods to and from goods-carrying vehicles?
AIDC can often provide the basis for better management of transportation and distribution through better data handling.


  • Do you encounter bottlenecks, difficulties or inefficiencies in sorting goods or items?
  • Do you encounter stockpiling problems due to sorting difficulties?
  • Do you need to introduce a means of identifying and sorting goods on conveyors?
  • Do you have a need for improving a process or processes for sorting goods, items or materials within a manufacturing, supply or service activity?
AIDC can offer the possibility to sort goods automatically and avoid bottlenecks and stockpiling.

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