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AIM Case Study Competition | 2016
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2016 Case Study Competition

AIM is looking to recognize those who have developed & delivered cutting edge solutions  through the use of automatic identification technologies that provide benefits, enhance perceptions of the industry and contribute to the growth and advancement of automatic identification innovations throughout
the global marketplace.

Winners will be chosen in three (3) distinct categories.

AIDC | Automatic Identification & Data Capture

 IoT | Internet of Things (NEW in 2016)

 RFID | Radio Frequency Identification

Submission Deadline |
Friday, July 29, 2016 | 11:59 PM ET

Please read the complete eligibility guidelines below before submission of Entry Form & Case Study, found below.

Failure to follow guidelines or incomplete submissions are subject to disqualification.

Presentation of the Case Study
Each case study submitted should be presented in an organized document/article that specifically discusses three areas:
  • A concise statement of the problem/challenge addressed.  Describe in detail the business problem/challenge that prompted the installation of the AIDC | IoT | RFID technology.    
  • The technical solution provided which applied the AIDC | IoT | RFID technology.  Describe what solution was selected and how it works.

  • The business result(s) of the installation.  Provide an explanation of what benefits arose from the project.  Benefit discussion should include the technical benefits (e.g. increased inventory accuracy to 99%), the internal business ramifications of the improvement (e.g. decreased inventory by 20%), and the external business ramifications (e.g. customer backorders virtually eliminated).  The submission should also include as much information as possible on return on investment.
Throughout the submission, consider not only the impact on the organization implementing the project but how the resulting capability impacts the organization’s relationships with suppliers and/or customers.

The submission should assume general knowledge of data capture technologies. However, in order to provide maximum value to the widest industry audience possible, it should be written in a manner that would be readable and understood by individuals without advanced technical expertise.

Quotes from actual end-users are welcome, especially quantified statements of benefits.

Submission Criteria
All submissions must be based on fully functional installations (no pilots).

Entries submitted must certify the following:
  • Information included in the submission is factual.
  • Publication of the information will violate no copyrights or proprietary rights.
  • All required customer or management permissions have been secured.
AIM Case Study Competition is open to AIM members and non-members, alike.
Multiple entries ~ same or different categories ~ accepted, but must be submitted separately.
Do not include any confidential information! Reviewers will not be under any confidentiality restrictions or NDAs. 

Submission of an entry is deemed permission for AIM to publish it on the AIM website as well as in any AIM sanctioned publication(s). 

All entries become the property of AIM, Inc.

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged by a panel of experts appointed by AIM and evaluated on the following criteria:
  • Presentation of the project in a well written & understandable manner (10 points)
  • Sustainability - likelihood of passing the test of time (20 points)
  • Technical design of a new technology OR new use of existing technology (20 points)
  • Potential for demonstrable benefits (20 points)
  • Uniqueness / Creativity of project (20 points)
  • Potential to enhance the industry or create new markets (10 points)
All decisions made by the AIM panel of judges are final.

2016 AIM Case Study Competition Winners Receive...
+ Opportunity to present winning case study at AIM Summit 2017 and/or other major industry events 

+ Special recognition during AIM Awards  international event in Stuttgart, Germany – March 2017

+ Media recognition via AIM news release announcing the winning case studies

+ Featured placement in AIM newsletters, with 20,000+ subscribers

+ Opportunity to present winning case study via AIM Virtual Events, which may include interviews, podcasts or webinars

+ Prominent placement  on AIM’s website

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Entry Form | 2016 AIM Case Study Competition
Submission Deadline | Friday, July 29, 2016 | 11:59 PM Eastern Time

300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining
300 of 300 characters remaining

I agree that AIM retains the right to use any of the enclosed information for promotional purposes, editorial coverage, demonstration purposes, and pre/post-event promotion.

I have read the rules of the competition, and I understand the requirements and my commitments if selected as a winner in the AIM Awards. I have read and I understand the contest rules. I declare that the information supplied in this entry form is accurate and correct.


In no event shall the AIM Awards program, or AIM including its affiliates, successors, officers, directors, employees, and agents, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way related with this Entry Form or the AIM Awards.


By submitting this entry, I or the organization with which I am associated and have the authority to bind, do hereby release and hold harmless AIM, and its affiliates, successors, officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all losses, damages, or expenses of any nature (including reasonable attorney fees) that may arise from my participation or acceptance of a prize in the AIM. Such indemnification shall include, but is not limited to, any claims based upon an alleged infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights. 

The submission of this completed form is considered by AIM as an electronic signature of an authorized representative for the company named below.

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