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Public Review - Han Xin Code
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Notice of Public Review - Han Xin Code

AIM announces the Public Review Draft of the International Symbology Specification - Han Xin Code developed by AIM China in collaboration with the AIM Technical Symbology (TSC) Committee.

Han Xin Code is a unique, variable size, matrix Symbology specifically optimized for two and four byte alphabets (such as Chinese), as well as other ideographic and pictographic alphabets. It is equally suitable for single byte ISO Code Pages such as English.

Han Xin Code also includes an option for octet byte encoding for applications such as graphics and audio in addition to Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI) support. It incorporates strong Reed-Solomon error correction to enable four levels of error correction abilities to recover information from damaged symbols.

This review provides an update to the 2011 document.  The significant revisions include:

  • Reconstructed the missing word version of Han Xin Code specification which was previously published.  Additionally, some figures and formulas have been updated to provide better clarity.
  • Added Annex for symbology identifier of Han Xin Code.
  • Fixed the incorrect description and figures of alignment pattern which was discussed in TSC meeting held in Seattle, WA on  August  23, 2012.

If you wish to provide comments to a document, please follow these steps: 

NOTE: Public review documents are DRAFTS and no commercial decisions should be made based on their content. Anyone intending to use information from this document for implementation purposes must wait for the final published document which will be made available in the AIM Store as soon as it is finalized. 

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