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Active RFID Work Group Committee
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AIM’s Active RFID Work Group committee is a sub-group of the RFID Expert Group (REG). The work group provides a forum for members to understand and help shape the rapidly changing landscape of active RFID and the role it plays in various products, solutions, and applications in the society.

The committee enables participants to lay the foundation for a smarter, more efficient world using automatic identification and mobility technology solutions. The committee is comprised of AIM member companies with an interest in influencing the direction and definition of automatic identification, especially as it relates to barcode, RFID, RTLS, mobile computing and location based solutions.

The Mission of the Active RFID Work Group Committee is:

  • To promote, support and educate the AIDC community about Active RFID
  • To be the guiding authority about AIDC technology to the Active RFID community
  • Empower our members to grow their business and adoption of their solutions

Want to know more ?

The Active RFID Committee continues to develop materials and publications to educate -- within as well as outside the industry -- on the many aspects of the Active RFID and its application.

Click here for access to: 
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AIM Active RFID Brochure
Active RFID Overview
Active RFID Committee Projects

AIM defines Active RFID as:

A variant of Radio-frequency identification (RFID) where the tagging device has a transmitter and has either an on-tag power source, e.g., a battery, or is directly connected to a power source, e.g., wired connection to a wall power outlet. Battery powered tags may operate at hundreds of meters.

Active RFID systems can be broken down into two major types:

Conventional active RFID
  • Tags are woken when they come within range of a reader
  • Start broadcasting their unique ID and other data

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Real time location systems

  • Tags beacon at set intervals (user defined)
  • Readers around the perimeter pick up the signal
  • Software determines the location of the item

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Current Projects in Progress

AIM is currently working on several projects related to Active RFID. These include:

  • Educational and marketing information
  • Application education
  • A matrix of use cases and success stories

Use YOUR experience to make a difference !!

Join other RFID experts...get involved in AIM's Active RFID Committee !!

Start today!  Contact AIM by email or call +1.724.742.4470.

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