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AIMatters Summer 2014
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AIM Summit 2014 Leads International March on Washington, D.C.

Well, maybe not really march, as much as show up by planes, trains and automobiles! We are, after all, a nonprofit industry association dedicated to promoting the peaceful adoption of AIDC innovation and technologies around the world!

Attendees at this year’s AIM Summit will certainly have the opportunity to experience a march toward the future of the AIDC industry and the many new and exciting topics that will lead the charge for years to come!

AIM Summit 2014 is set for Monday, September 8th at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (Virginia), where AIM members and partners will gather for an event that presents a unique forum to participate in sessions that offer a diversity of opinions on the latest topics key to the industry.

The Summit will begin the evening of Sunday, September 7th with a Welcome Reception for all attendees. The following morning, we kick off AIM Summit 2014 with a plethora of internationally renowned speakers and topics that focus on practical insights for AIDC executives to better lead and positively impact the industry.

Agenda topics and speakers are still being finalized, but here’s a sneak peek…

How the Internet of Things (IoT) will change our industry…and our future.
• 2014 State of the Industry analysts panel
• Using legislative initiatives to enhance business success & return on investment
• How RFID technology is impacting international cultures & business success
• Finding the best way to prepare your workforce to be adaptable for the future

This year, AIM Summit 2014 will also feature two special post-Summit events on Tuesday, September 9th.

AIT in Government will be presented by the AIM North America AIT Alliance and the RAIN RFID Alliance will host their inaugural RAIN Member Meeting, with a special morning session open to nonmembers, as well. Both post-Summit events will be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City for attendees’ convenience. (Additional fees may apply.)

Details on the preparations for AIM Summit 2014, along with event and hotel reservation information, can be found on AIM’s website at AIM Summit 2014. Be sure to check in on a regular basis as frequent updates are posted and register today!

We look forward to seeing you in Crystal City!!

Impacting Future Development of Cryptographic Security

A Request from JTC 1/SC 31 WG7 to AIM Members & Partners

As many in the industry already know, AIM participates in the development of internationals standards for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1) and Systems Committee 31 (SC 31) for worldwide Information Technology, with an emphasis on automatic identification and data capture techniques.

As part of JTC 1/SC 31, Work Group 7 (WG7) is responsible for "Security for Item Management” and a key set of standards are ISO/IEC 29167 — Air interface for security services crypto suites.

AIM has been asked to survey its stakeholders if they have any requirements, input and/or use cases for cryptographic security between RFID tags and readers. Your insights will prove valuable in the future development of these standards.

WG7 and AIM would sincerely appreciate your feedback, either anonymously or named, no later than August 15, 2014 for consolidation and forwarding comments to the international group working on these standards. Please email your feedback before the deadline to ISO/IEC 29167 Feedback (

For those interested in additional background on this effort, the following provides a more detailed overview for your review.

Every several years a new technology or technique comes along that has numerous flavors, all of whom believe that it is far simpler to standardize anything that comes along than it is to commit to the principle that there will be a severely limited number of standardized choices.

This first manifested itself with linear bar code symbols and was settled by the membership, first of CEN TC225, and later of JTC 1/SC 31. The membership of these standards bodies would establish requirements for symbology selection. Future symbology submissions were required to show novelty and show that there was a global, multi-industry interest in the standardizing of those submissions. These requirements are defined in 31n0704 and j1n4058 - Resolution 4, Establishment of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31 on Standardization of Automatic Data Capture (ADC)

JTC 1 views that, for the orderly progress of work and preservation of scarce national resources, it is essential that principles, such as contained in document CEN/TC 225 N251, "CEN/TC 225 Symbology Selection Criteria", be adopted by SC 31
Principles that should be considered for adoption include:

Principle 1. Activities undertaken by this subcommittee must give priority to addressing global, multi-industry standardization requirements.

Principle 2. Technologies will be candidate work items only where they are available under terms and conditions consistent with the ISO/IEC Patent Policy.

Principle 3. Technologies will be candidate work items only where there has been a substantiated international business need.

Principle 4. Technologies will be candidate work items only where there exist suitable implementation artifacts, (e.g., hardware).

At its 1st meeting in Brussels in June 1996 JTC 1/SC 31 passed the following as Resolution 2 (31n0039)

SC 31 confirms its support for the four principles contained in JTC 1 N 4058, Resolution 4, Clause B, and adds a fifth principle as follows:

Principle 5. Technologies will be candidate work items only when they exhibit features or technical soundness and robustness not available with previously standardized technologies

Then, at its 2000 Plenary meeting in Tokyo JTC 1/SC 31 passed Resolution 22 contained in 31n0706:

Principle 6. The SC31 "five" criteria contained in SC 31 N 0704 must be complied with.

Principle 7. Public Domain should take precedence over licensed options.

Principle 8. The solution should state clearly how/which ARP application profiles are met.

Principle 9. Any "mode" (as defined in ISO18000-1 draft) must formally be proposed by a Member body and must be supported by at least 5 National Bodies who are committed to participate in the work.

Of the above nine "Principles” only "Principle 8” and "Principle 9” are specific to RFID applications, while "Principle 6” summarizes preceding principles. Therefore, the "SC 31 Selection Criteria” embodies the above Six Principles.

This now brings us to the "Principles” to be followed regarding the "Crypto Suites” being proposed in JTC 1/SC 31/WG 7. The basic information that the National Bodies can use to evaluate the submission, without confusing non-crypto experts, should include:

1. A description of how it meets the SC 31 Criteria (as shown here). In each case a full description is to be given, not just single word or single sentence answers:

a. How does the security suite address global, multi-industry standardization requirements? Provide details of the countries and industries where the algorithm(s)/protocol(s) are used; and contact information for implementing tag and reader manufacturers to include silicon and /or micro controllers
b. Is the Crypto Suite available under terms and conditions consistent with the ISO/IEC Patent Policy? Provide details.
  • Is a license required to implement this algorithm/protocol?
  • If yes, are royalties charged to the licensees?
c. Is there a substantiated international business need? Provide details
d. Do suitable implementation artifacts confirming the correctness and performance of the algorithm/protocol exist, particularly in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) or dedicated hardware implementations?
e. Does the Crypto Suite exhibit features or technical soundness and robustness not available with previously standardized (or submitted to SC31) technologies? Provide details.

2. Has the cryptographic primitive that features in the Crypto Suite been published in a Peer review document? Provide full citation to the document (initial date of publication, title, publication, and a copy of the paper).

3. Has the cryptographic algorithm/protocol been published in a Peer review document? Provide full citation to the document (initial date of publication, title, publication, and a copy of the paper).

4. Have there been other publications about the cryptographic primitive/protocol? Provide full citation and copies of the papers.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s #AIM Twitter!!

After many weeks of discussion and preparation, AIM will soon be making another move to better connect and engage AIM members and partners around the globe with the introduction of AIM’s Twitter account! @AIM_Inc_

Slated for a formal launch in late August, this step will offer another way for AIM to communicate hot topics and AIDC industry news, as well as keeping you updated on the latest from AIM committees, alliances, and members’ individual achievements.

For those who don’t regularly tweet (AKA unregistered users), or are not yet comfortable with this aspect of social media…never fear! You will still have the ability to read any dialogue posted to the AIM Twitter account and, as an AIM member, will have the option to submit messages and news for AIM to post and share with Twitter followers around the world!!

Watch for the official announcement in the coming weeks! We’ll see you then! @AIM_Inc_

Get the Most from AIM and YourMembership!

Check out these enhancements to save you time…and raise your profile.

One of the many benefits you receive as a member of AIM is access to, an online resource to connect within the AIM community as well as promote you and your organization to those interested in the global AIDC industry.

YourMembership (YM) can be used as a tool to navigate within the AIM Members Only section, as well as a way in which to profile your business for others to see. Take a look at the following enhancements to see how you can maximize your return on investment…

Become a Featured Member
All members of AIM have the opportunity to see their company logo spotlighted on AIM’s Home Page as the Featured Member, a section found in the left side "rail” (shaded in blue). The logo, which is linked to the company’s website, remains in place throughout a viewer’s movement to any other sections and subpages found on AIM’s website.

It’s FREE and all you have to do is request this benefit by sending an email, along with your logo and website address, to AIM Website Featured Member. Spaces are typically rotated weekly and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Remember, there are only 52 weeks in a year, so make your interest known and take advantage of this opportunity to promote your company!!

User Navigation Enhancement for Members Only
A recent addition to the YM navigation process should help AIM members more easily navigate back and forth to the Members Only Home Page when they are moving throughout the website.

Once a member has signed in, they will see in the upper left "rail” this message: Click Here for Members Only Home Page. Simply click on the hyperlinked word (Here) and it immediately takes the user back to AIM’s Member Only Home Page. As long as the AIM member stays logged in, this process will recognize their identity and provide access. As an added security measure, and to protect the contents of the Members Only section, any non-member who clicks on the new link will be taken to a page that requires them to sign in to proceed.

Let Member Photo Gallery to Bring Your Organization & Products to Life
Does the profile viewers see (AIM members and visitors) when looking at your Member Profile need a facelift? Unless you use the AIM Member Photo Gallery, the answer is probably YES!!!

Show others a visual image of your company and the work you do to really bring your innovations, technologies, products and services to life. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

ONE…Select Manage Profile under My Profile on the Members Only Home Page (Note: in some cases, only the company delegate may have this access.)

TWO…Select Photo Gallery under Content & Features.

THREE…Follow instructions to upload photos and images for your company.

THAT’S IT!!! Now when website viewers look at your company profile, they will see firsthand exactly who you are and what your organization does to enhance and influence the AIDC industry.

Committee Connection

Mary Lou Bosco, AIM Chief Operating Officer
Jayne Gaston, AIM Member Relations Coordinator
Steve Halliday, RAIN RFID Alliance President

This regular feature in AIMatters is designed to keep you up-to-date on the work of the various committees within the association. All AIM members are eligible to join committees and we encourage every member to participate in the great work being done to enhance and support our industry.

Most of the committees have an area of the AIM Forum where you can read the minutes of the meetings and review the work in progress as well as work that has been completed.

To receive information specific to a committee’s work, offer ideas for new topics or projects, or get involved with a committee, contact AIM Committee Connection today.

AIT Alliance (AIT) | AIM North America
Chair – Bob Fudge, Evanhoe & Associates
The Alliance is busy planning their special event, AIT in Government, scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th as an optional Post Summit event. Details are being released as they are finalized, so stay connected to the AIT website in the coming weeks! Individuals interested in joining the Alliance’s efforts are encouraged to email AIT Alliance for membership details.

Healthcare Committee | AIM North America
Chair – Ardi Batmangheldj, Innovatum
Healthcare Committee members remain busy making new connections aligned with their expanded focus. The committee will have representatives speaking at the October UDI Conference 2014 in Baltimore, MD. Work continues to update the committee’s website and marketing materials. To learn more, connect with AIM NA Healthcare Committee.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Chair – Denis Bishop, Lowry
Great things are happening in AIM’s IoT Committee this summer! The IoT members have worked to finished several projects including an interesting educational white paper, "IoT Goes to School” and an informative presentation, "The Internet of Things (IoT): What’s It’s All About”. Now, members have moved their attention to exciting new projects! A collegiate level IoT Course has become the main focus of the committee along with attention towards social media involvement. The IoT meets on the second Thursday of each month from 9:00 – 11:00 AM ET. We look forward to seeing you on the call!

You can check out these and other IoT related projects at AIM Internet of Things Committee.

RAIN RFID Alliance
President – Steve Halliday, High Tech Aid
RAIN held its first webinar on July 8th, and with over 600 people registered, it was set to be an interesting event. RAIN’s president, Steve Halliday, spoke on the UHF RFID industry with information about the growth of the market and how RAIN will be the key organization to promote that growth in the future. Additionally, the discussion included the need for an organization that will promote the worldwide adoption of the technology and how RAIN as a global organization expects to be able to fulfill that requirement.

To highlight their commitment to quality membership growth and industry participation, RAIN is offering AIM members a 40% discount on dues if they join the RAIN RFID Alliance. It was also noted that new members who join RAIN before September 8th will be considered Charter Members and have the chance to vote for an additional RAIN Board Member to start in October 2014. A complete list of current RAIN members is updated as new companies join and can be found at

Following the webinar presentation, attendees also had the chance to post questions about the Alliance and answers to some of the most frequent questions were addressed in the time available. For a full list of the webinar’s Q&A, visit the RAIN website. Other requests for information can be directed to Steve Halliday at RAIN RFID Alliance by email ( or phone (+1.412.726.3515).

RFID Experts Group (REG)
Chair – Don Ertel, CDO Technologies
The REG Committee has been busy at work during the spring and summer of 2014! New REG work groups have begun white papers and are in the process of beginning some exciting new project prospects while also working to wrap up some documents that are near to completion.

REG Material Handling
The Material Handling Work Group is looking for AIM members to participate in their latest white paper, "Best Practices; RFID, Lift trucks, Warehousing & Distribution”. Any and all collaboration and participation is welcomed! The Material Handling WG meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30 – 10:30 AM ET. The next meeting will be held on August 13th.

REG Innovation in RFID
The Innovation WG is looking for AIM members that need a place to share their ideas! This group was created by the REG Committee to provide a place for new ideas and innovations to take flight. Have interest in a hot topic in RFID? Join the Innovation in RFID work group to begin collaboration and discussion with other professionals in the arena! The Innovation in RFID WG meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 3:30 – 4:30 PM ET. The next meeting will be held on August 12th.

The Healthcare Initiative WG is in the process of bringing its Device Test Protocol document to a close! Members have been working diligently with input from the full REG Committee to put the finishing touches on this informative document. Join the HCI call to provide them with feedback and support! Teleconferences for this work group take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9:00 – 11:00 AM ET. However, the August meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday the 27th.

Be sure to check out other opportunities at AIM REG Committee.

Technical Symbology Committee (TSC)
Chair – Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis
The TSC has been hard at work to present their Han Xin Code and Ultracode for public review this summer.

The Han Xin public review will be ending shortly, but AIM members will be able to review Ultracode on the AIM website in early August. Links for all public review files and documents for member feedback are available by visiting the AIM Public Review page on the website. Please download the files and help out the TSC with your feedback!

The next TSC meeting will be on August 19th at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET. Join the TSC for their teleconference, or for more information, visit AIM Technical Symbology Committee.


Items of interest & value for AIM members

Welcome New Members!!!
We’re pleased to welcome these new members to the AIM family! Be sure to click on their name to learn more!

eAgile, Inc.
Jamison RFID
MEPS Real-Time, Inc.
University of Texas - Arlington
Xtreme RFID

Thanks to all the AIM members who made referrals! If you know an individual or organization that would benefit from being part of AIM’s global network, make an introduction or contact AIM Membership to refer a candidate.

AIM Public Review
The deadline to submit your comments for Han Xin Code is quickly approaching! If you wish to participate in this effort, be sure to visit Han Xin Code Public Review and return your feedback by July 31st.

In addition…by special request, the Ultracode Public Review will re-open in early August for a 60 day period when the review documents will be made available in a format that will provide easier access. Visit AIM’s Public Review webpage in early August for more details.

Don’t Forget…Nominate an AIDC Leader or Best-in-Class AIDC Case Study NOW!
The clock is also ticking on the nomination period for these very significant events:
2014 AIM Industry Awards – July 25th
2014 AIM North America Awards – August 1st
2014 AIDC Case Study Competition – August 1st
Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize the work being done by your peers – or yourself – to enhance and strengthen the AIDC industry!!!

AIM Mourns the Loss of an AIDC Pioneer & Industry Leader
Please join AIM in extending sympathies to the family of Craig K. Harmon of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who unexpectedly passed away on July 3rd. Craig was instrumental in many barcode and RFID standards during his career and was well known throughout the international AIDC community for his expertise and leadership. In 2004, Craig received the Dilling Award from AIM for his achievements. Craig will be missed by his many colleagues around the world.

Industry Event Partnerships
AIM is pleased to partner with leading industry events in the coming months. Check out these options to connect and increase recognition for your organization!

The unSUMMIT 2014
September 18 - 20, 2014
New Orleans, LA

UDI Conference 2014
October 28 – 29, 2014
Baltimore, MD

Check out the wealth of knowledge at the AIM Store!!
Want to keep abreast of the latest trends in the AIDC world, or maybe learn something new? The AIM Store has exactly what you’ll need. From Specifications and Standards to White Papers and Presentations/Webinars, the best resource is right at your fingertips. Even better – many of the items are FREE to AIM Members!! It’s a win-win! Shop the AIM Store today!!

Happenings will be a regular feature of AIMatters. If you have an item of interest or want to share news or recognition highlights from your organization, just submit your information to AIMatters – Happenings.

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