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AIMatters Fall 2014
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Fall Into Action

Latest Business Development Initiatives at AIM
Doug Hall, Business Development Director - AIM

The leaves may be starting to fall, along with the temperatures, but from my perspective as Business Development Director for AIM, things are just starting to heat up!

In the months since I joined AIM in this role, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many of our members as well as other AIDC colleagues. My mission is to create increased value for current members and expand AIM’s membership base to best position all of us for success. It’s certainly been a memorable experience to meet so many leaders in the industry, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to reach out to an even larger audience through AIMatters and give you a glimpse of the great things ahead for AIM and leaders in the AIDC industry.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the current – and future – initiatives that will allow us to work together to raise AIM’s industry recognition, enhance membership, and best advocate for our industry.

Knowing the potential the end-user member audience involved in AIDC has, the AIM Board recently approved a special program for End-User Organizations AIM Membership. This unique opportunity allows a single representative of a new organization to make a membership commitment to AIM for an introductory fee of only $95. New end-user members who take advantage of this program will have a full year to enjoy all of the benefits and participate in AIM activities, allowing them to experience first-hand the value AIM membership brings, at a reduced fee. This is a limited-time opportunity, so don’t delay if you, or someone you know, would benefit from this unprecedented offer!

In addition, the AIM Board has also initiated a Member Get a Member Recognition Program. One of the primary tenets for any business is that the best referrals come from those we’ve established relationships with through the years, so this effort will not only help us to increase membership, but strengthen the quality of those relationships which may already exist. Everyone has clients, colleagues and channel partners who are candidates for AIM membership, so reach out to them! Simply email your referral lead to AIM or me ( to register your New Member Referral Lead and get the credit you deserve.

We’re never content at AIM to rely on current initiatives, so here’s a glimpse of three additional programs currently in development to benefit the AIDC industry as well as current and future members of AIM.

AIM Research Program
AIM, Inc. is in a unique position as the only global association that represents all the stakeholders in the AIDC and Mobility industry. As a recognized leader in creating and supporting technical standards, this leadership position provides a level of established credibility in many areas. Market research is one of those areas where opportunity exists, and is often addressed by industry associations to educate industry participants as well as industry observers and/or outside investors regarding the state of the industry. At AIM, we believe this has increasing potential as the industry continues to evolve through innovation and technology that change our world. Together, with industry partners such as ChainLink Research, Mike Liard Research and VDC Research, AIM can take a central role in creating and disseminating relevant market research. You can help this effort by sharing your input and interests on AIDC research, by contacting me or AIM with ideas and requests.

Channel & End-User Programs
AIM is planning Channel and End-User Programs that will engage resellers and customers in a way to achieve results by having all industry stakeholders at the table making decisions designed to grow and strengthen the industry. More channel and end-user members will create increased mass in AIM that can enrich the membership. It’s a given that an active channel and end-user base is an important ingredient for success in the AIDC industry worldwide. Currently, we are beginning a fact-finding and research phase to support the creation of Channel and End-User Programs. Our goal is to implement channel and end-user offerings that will improve their operating capabilities, increase revenue opportunities and reduce operating expenses.

AIM certainly has so many opportunities for growth ahead, and I join the AIM Board and Staff in hoping you and your organization will continue to share your expertise, experiences and insights to support all of the initiatives that have strengthen the AIDC industry and led to AIM’s success for more than 40 years. This is your association…make the most of it!!

Doug Hall is AIM’s Business Development Director, responsible for representing AIM within the AIDC industry to help grow the association and implement AIM's strategic growth plan as outlined by the AIM and AIM North America Boards.

He has 35 years of experience as a business executive, consultant and facilitator with roots in the IT and AIDC industries. His experience includes general management, sales, sales management, product marketing and go-to-market strategies in industrial, commercial and government markets.

Doug earned a BS in Economics and Business Administration from University of North Carolina-Greensboro and resides in the Seattle metro area. Contact Doug at 425.522.3513 or

It’s NOT a Small World

Highlights from AIM Summit 2014

Virtually everyone around the world – from the U.S. to Europe to Asia – is familiar with Walt Disney’s catchy tune It’s a Small World (that some may call sweet but annoying if you can’t get it out of your head), which reflected on Disney’s belief that we’re all tied together in some way, shape or form through our cultures. In that regard, Disney wasn’t wrong, but those in attendance at AIM Summit 2014 had the opportunity to experience first-hand the AIDC world we live in today is far from small!

Over 75 AIDC industry leaders traveled to Crystal City, Virginia, to share and learn more about the latest in trends, innovations, and technologies impacting global industry today. Undoubtedly, they left with a better understanding of just how important the AIDC is to growing successful companies, markets, and governments – throughout the world.

The event began Sunday, September 7th with a joint session of the AIM, Inc. and AIM North America Boards to review and discuss strategic issues. It was followed by the annual AIM Chapter Meeting, which provided leaders from each of AIM’s chapters to present on current and future efforts in their respective countries / regions. The final working session for the day brought together the AIM Europe Board to discuss their progress since its founding late last year and strategic initiatives to grow membership.

Later in the evening, Summit attendees gathered for great food, drink and networking in the scenic Chesapeake View Rooftop atop the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, overlooking the city of Washington, D.C. Sponsored by ScanSource, the reception allowed old friends and colleagues to reconnect, while welcoming AIM’s newest members.

Early Monday morning, September 8th, AIM Summit 2014 started with an AIDC Fueled Revolution, thanks to AIM, Inc. Chairman Chuck Evanhoe and AIM Business Development Director Doug Hall. Each discussed the latest in strategic developments driving AIM and its many committees, which have contributed – or will contribute – to future growth and success for AIM and its members.

Keynote speaker Dan Charney of Direct Recruiters presented his insights on how to acquire and retain top talent. An expert in the field of AIDC recruiting, he shared what managers and companies need to know to get and keep the very best players for a winning team.

The morning also featured an international panel of industry executives from China, Denmark, Germany and Russia to discuss market tends and ways to expand business in their rapidly expanding international markets.

In what was a first, and hopefully not a last for future Summits, AIM was pleased to have presentations from both of its 2014 Case Study Competition Awardees.

Representing HID Global, winner of AIM’s 2014 RFID Case Study Competition, was Jason Warschauer who shared the fascinating story behind HID’s work with Bodega Norton Winery, one of Argentina’s most respected vintners. Their collaboration introduced a new tracking and payment system using RFID technology that not only changed a truly "old-world” process, but also provided results that enhanced productivity and better positioned the management decision making process.

Representing Loftware, winner of AIM’s 2014 AIDC Case Study Competition, was Josh Roffman who introduced his company’s efforts to provide Hypertherm, a leading manufacturer of advanced cutting systems with an innovative enterprise labeling system that incorporated a streamlined and centralized approach. Thanks to Loftware’s implementation, Hypertherm realized a significant seven-figure savings.

Thanks to long-time AIM member and Summit sponsor BlueStar, a special luncheon was held to honor the recipients of both the AIM and AIM NA 2014 Industry Awards (Watch for a detailed article on all of the winners in the next issue of AIMatters).

The afternoon certainly didn’t slow the pace of the AIDC fueled morning!

Experience the New Ultracode was presented by Clive Hohberger, PhD & AIM Emeritus, who served as Past Chair of the Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) and was instrumental in creating Ultracode. During this presentation, attendees learned more about the technology that drove the development of this 3D color symbology code, along with potential applications which can utilize and benefit from the latest in color symbology.

Next up was a panel of industry experts with the session 2014 State of the Industry -- AIDC Industry Analysts Speak Out. Each panelist had the opportunity to share insights from their current research efforts and how different segments of the AIDC market continue to evolve and lead companies to find better ROI.

The remaining sessions in the afternoon, brought a special Internet of Things (IoT) theme to AIM Summit 2014.

The Normandy Group is well recognized for having their fingers on the pulse of key policy and legislative issues, and speaker Stan Skocki didn’t disappoint in sharing his insider’s perspective of relevant matters in the session Enhance Your Business Through Legislative Initiatives. During this presentation, the focus included highlights of how the Federal government is utilizing IoT and other AIDC technologies to manage their supply chains.

The IoT Trends & Opportunities session allowed well known industry expert Michael Liard the ability to share tips on how to develop business strategies and increase the potential for success by tapping into the emerging markets in IoT and what trends will lead the market and potential ROI.

It’s hard to disagree that the Internet of Things promises to give every individual and object an interconnected digital presence, but at what price to privacy and security? In the Summit’s final session, Securing the Internet of Things, Louis Parks of SecureRF shared his thoughts and expertise in the challenges of securing the IoT as well as what opportunities connectivity can bring to companies as more and more users become connected.

But for most of the Summit attendees, it didn’t end there! The night was just getting started at Jaleo ~ Crystal City, one of the top-rated restaurants in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Summit guests shared a unique Spanish themed multi-course meal, featuring traditional tapas selections and wine to compliment every course. The atmosphere only enhanced the camaraderie, and it’s safe to say a good time was had by all!

As AIM Summit 2014 officially came to a close, many attendees were pleased to hear that plans for AIM Summit 2015 are already underway. We’ll look forward to seeing AIM members next April in San Diego, California, when AIM co-locates with the 2015 RFID Journal LIVE! event.

Very special thanks goes out to all of the AIM Summit 2014 Sponsors – BlueStar, ScanSource, TEKLYNX and Direct Recruiters, as well as this year’s Resource Partners ChainLink Research, Michael Liard Research and VDC Research. Please take the time to visit them to learn more about the latest in AIDC technologies and innovation!!

To learn more about any of the speaker presentations from AIM Summit 2014, go to the AIM Members Only Section at AIM.

Defense Puts AIT on Top of Game

Inaugural AIT Alliance Symposium Scores Big

It may have been the first event offered by AIM North America’s AIT Alliance, but it certainly won’t be the last, based on the success of AIT in DoD Symposium held September 9th in Crystal City, Virginia. Developed as a special post-AIM Summit 2014 event, the AIT Alliance drew an audience of more than 100, with AIM members and representatives from the government and businesses, alike.

After a welcome from AIT Alliance Chairman Bob Fudge, the day offered leading industry speakers and panelists who weighed in on a variety of topics and the latest in automatic identification technology (AIT), with an emphasis on how AIT is being used in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other related agencies.

Special interest sessions included:

Are We All Speaking the Same Language? An AIT Overview
• New Trends in the AIT Industry
• International Standards
• Contracting for AIT
• A New Approach to Understanding Standards: A Guideline for IUID
• AIT Emerging Capabilities in DoD
• Perspective on the Current & Future State of AIT in DoD

Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with several exhibitors, each of which brought their company’s unique perspective to the mix. A luncheon, sponsored by Evanhoe & Associates, provided the opportunity for many of the attendees to get hands-on equipment demonstrations from many of these exhibitors:
  • A2B Tracking Solutions
  • Evanhoe & Associates
  • Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
  • ID Integration
  • Metalcraft
  • Monode Pryor Traceability
  • Savi
  • Seagull Scientific
Following the conclusion of the day’s formal presentations, Savi hosted a networking reception that also included representatives from AIM and RAIN RFID Alliance and strengthened relationships for many.

With the success of the Symposium evident, the AIT Alliance has begun to initiate plans for future events that will not only build on the conversations started, but offer a way to increase interaction for those interested in a better understanding of AIT and its adoption.

If you’d like to be part of that process, contact the AIT Alliance or visit the AIT page on the AIM North American website.

Loftware Spectrum + Hypertherm = $even Figure $avings

Loftware – Hypertherm Project Named
2014 AIDC Case Study Competition Winner
As a leading global manufacturer of advanced plasma, laser and water jet cutting systems, Hypertherm has products used for cutting any type of metal, for applications in a variety of industries including shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. With nearly 50 years of experience in cutting, and 1,300 associates, the company’s client list boasts of brands including Ford, Volvo, Harley Davidson and Caterpillar.

Despite experiencing significant growth, and having operations and partners worldwide, Hypertherm’s existing consumables product label printing system was not sufficiently accommodating this growth and began to present considerable risk. The company’s exist¬ing "home-grown” system was complex and customized with layers of third party applications, which posed connectivity issues for suppliers, and represented a single point of production failure. Additional software licenses were no longer available to enable them to grow or upgrade their existing deployment, and there were inherent issues with mislabeling. Further, the system was prone to breaking, ultimately caus¬ing significant downtime issues representing a loss of productivity, with five to ten hours of troubleshooting and fixing the label system each week. All of this resulted in customer dissatisfaction, brand integrity issues and lost revenues as much as $100,000 each week due to labeling issues.

The list of challenges presented to Loftware was not for the faint of heart.

Significantly improve production uptime
• Reduce costly errors resulting in mislabeling
• Enable support for supplier labeling
• Reduce complexity of label design
• Simplify maintenance

To institute best practices, Hypertherm wanted to extend control of the label design process to their marketing department. To do so, it required a solution that offered the ability for users in marketing to design labels without needing to rely on technical resources to write code for label design. To achieve the goal of enabling marketing to be responsible for label design, they needed a system to be WYSI¬WYG (What You See Is What You Get), so that the label designed on the screen is what actually gets printed.

This project wasn’t just about replacing old with new, it was a better approach, a marriage of innovation and technology, and a more effective way to leverage future growth on a global basis. Hypertherm needed answers, a plan that facilitated synergy within all areas in the company, and action. Fortunately, Loftware was up to the task.

As a recognized global leader in enterprise labeling solutions with over 5,000 global customers spanning 100 countries, Loftware provides deep experience in a wide range of industries, and an unparalleled customer support network. Exactly what Hypertherm needed. In deploying Loftware Spectrum, Hypertherm found the perfect solution designed to meet its complex labeling requirements. This out-of-the-box, 100% browser based, all-in-one enterprise labeling solution was the right match for Hypertherm’s global, on-demand labeling print requirements. In addition, Spectrum offered:

Wed based deployment
• Centralized application for internal and external use
• Configurable business rules
• Automated print process
• Business user label design

The results were immediate. Gone were costly mislabeling and downtime issues that threatened Hypertherm’s brand credibility, maintenance issues and, ultimately, the bottom line. In their place, Hypertherm found a streamlined process that not only improved the efficiency and productivity needed to scale and offer global deployment to meet supplier needs, but unlimited access and expansion for continued growth. Don’t forget one more truly noteworthy detail…after implementation was complete, Hypertherm realized $1.5M - $5M in savings!

AIM is pleased to honor Loftware for its efforts. The 2014 AIDC Case Study Competition Award was presented to Josh Roffman, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management for Loftware by Jayne Gaston, AIM’s Member Relations Coordinator, at the 2014 AIM Industry Awards Luncheon held during AIM Summit 2014 in Crystal City. Following the luncheon, Josh presented Loftware’s case study to the Summit attendees. (AIM members can view his presentation in the Members Only section of AIM’s website.)

To access complete details about Loftware’s winning submission, download the entire case study and view either the project video, or the entire webinar featuring the Loftware – Hypertherm project.

Committee Connection

Mary Lou Bosco, AIM Chief Operating Officer
Jayne Gaston, AIM Member Relations Coordinator
Steve Halliday, RAIN RFID Alliance President

Special Messages for Current & Future
AIM Committee Members!

AIM has issued the annual Call for Nominations for all Committee Chairs! These roles present excellent opportunities to provide leadership within AIM as well as throughout the AIDC industry. Individuals nominated and selected will begin their terms in 2015. Nominate a leader you admire…self-nominations are welcome! Email Jayne Gaston or Mary Lou Bosco at AIM today!

As 2014 comes to a close, Member Relations Coordinator Jayne Gaston will be completing a review of all AIM Committee members in order to update respective committee rosters. If you (1) want to participate in a specific committee in 2015, (2) wish to change your committee selection for 2015, or (3) no longer wish to take part in a specific committee you previously joined, please contact Jayne by email or phone (724.742.4470, ext. 104) before November 26th.

This regular feature in AIMatters is designed to keep you up-to-date on the work of the various committees within the association. All AIM members are eligible to join committees and we encourage every member to participate in the great work being done to enhance and support our industry.

Most of the committees have an area of the AIM Forum where you can read the minutes of the meetings and review the work in progress as well as work that has been completed.

To receive information specific to a committee’s work, offer ideas for new topics or projects, or get involved with a committee, contact AIM Committee Connection today.

AIT Alliance (AIT) | AIM North America
Chair – Bob Fudge, Evanhoe & Associates
Be sure to check out the feature article in this issue of AIMatters on the Alliance’s successful AIT in DoD Symposium! Individuals interested in joining the Alliance’s efforts are encouraged to email AIT Alliance for membership details or visit the AIT website.

Healthcare Committee | AIM North America
Chair – Ardi Batmanghelidj, Innovatum
Join Healthcare Committee members, including featured speakers Ardi Batmanghelidj and Clive Hohberger, PhD, at the UDI Conference 2014 in Baltimore Maryland, October 28-29th. Work continues to update the committee’s website and marketing materials. To learn more, connect with AIM NA Healthcare Committee.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Chair – Denis Bishop, Lowry
The summer months and early fall have been productive times for the IoT Committee! The committee is now busy at work on a collegiate level IoT Course! Member input on each section of the course will be the next step for the committee in moving this scintillating project forward. Collaboration among the committee is going well and many are volunteering to be a part of creating this college course! The IoT is also striving to bring new life to their webpage located on the AIM website! The webpage(s) for the committee are slated to bring in more traffic to the AIM site, drive membership forward, and steer new faces to AIM through the IoT Committee. Members were excited to be a part of the webpage renovation and were able to offer helpful and innovative suggestions in moving this project along. The next IoT Committee meeting will be held on October 9th from 9:00-11:00 AM EST. Want to participate in the creation of the IoT College Course? Contact Jayne Gaston at to learn the detail on how to join the Internet of Things Committee! You can check out these and other IoT related projects at AIM Internet of Things Committee.

RAIN RFID Alliance
President – Steve Halliday, High Tech Aid
"A single drop of RAIN can create a stream of water....can form the river .... can form a tsunami of change” - Jonghoon Lim, Hanmi IT
Membership in the Alliance is growing steadily, the current membership is at 51 and the member directory shows a full list of members -

RAIN held its first face to face member meeting in conjunction with the AIM Summit in Washington DC. The morning session was open to non-members and we had a room full of people eager to learn more about UHF RFID and what is being done in the industry.

With presentations from Hanmi IT, Tyco, Google, Intel, American RFID Systems, Impinj, Smartrac, and ChainLink Research, the attendees learned a lot about the broad implications of the technology. The afternoon session was restricted to members only and the community developed a list of priorities for the Alliance to attack in the next few months.

Copies of the presentations can be downloaded from the RAIN website ( where you can also sign up for regular news from the Alliance. The next member meeting will be a web based meeting in October/November 2014 and the next face to face will be held in The Netherlands on February 23rd close to the EuroCIS show. More details will be published on both RAIN events in the near future. Other requests for information can be directed to Steve Halliday at RAIN by email ( or phone (+1.412.726.3515).

RFID Experts Group (REG)
Chair – Don Ertel, CDO Technologies
The REG Committee work groups have been up to exciting things! Each work group has an interesting project going that has members on their toes!

REG Material Handling
The Material Handling Work Group is quickly moving their new white paper ("Best Practices; RFID, Lift trucks, Warehousing & Distribution”) along! Members are well on their way to a successful document and are looking for AIM members to participate in from all areas of RFID expertise! The next Material Handling meeting will be held in November on Wednesday the 12th but members will be contributing research and expertise to sections of the document between now and then! Contact AIM’s Member Relation Coordinator, Jayne Gaston at to get involved in the writing of this highly sought after document and this work group! Next meeting: October 12th 9:30-10:30 AM EST.

REG Innovation in RFID
Great things are happening in the Innovation in RFID work group! Stimulating discussions on hot topics in the RFID industry today are held monthly in this RFID Experts work group. Members of the Innovation in RFID are currently working to bring several topics, current events, or items of interest to the table each month for discussion. Members of this work group are working on a Current Innovations presentation where they plan to compile all of the fantastic articles and innovations that they bring together. Stop by the call and get involved in the discussion! Contact Jayne Gaston at for more details. The next Innovations Meeting will be held on October 23rd from 3:30-4:30 PM EST.

The Healthcare Initiative work group is quickly wrapping up their Device Test Protocol document but participation from all scholars of RFID is welcomed! The HCI WG encourages participation and feedback on their document from all members to ensure that it is ready for review in mid-October. Help the HCI put the finishing touches on their document and be a part of something big! Contact Jayne Gaston for details on the work group at and attend their next meeting on October 15th from 9:00-10:30 AM EST. Be sure to check out other opportunities at AIM REG Committee.

Technical Symbology Committee (TSC)
Chair – Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis
The TSC Committee is now reviewing YOUR feedback from its Ultracode public review and is also reviewing comments and questions from the public review on Han Xin Code! The Ultracode public review will be available until October 24, 2014. The TSC and AIM were able to offer members the downloadable files of Ultracode for FREE. The Ultracode files have been downloaded more than 75 times so far since they became available in August so hurry to the AIM website! We hope that YOU can be a part of shaping Ultracode! The TSC held a meeting for its members on September 3rd and 15th to make significant progress in wrapping up their DotCode document. The committee is now seeking companies with capabilities to scan and print DotCode along with anyone willing to contribute input to DotCode with expertise in this area! For more information on how to participate in the Technical Symbology Committee and offer your knowledge and skill in this arena, contact Jayne Gaston at Join the TSC for their teleconference, or for more information, visit AIM Technical Symbology Committee.


Items of interest & value for AIM members

Welcome New Members!!!
We’re pleased to welcome these new members to the AIM family! Be sure to click on their name to learn more!

ACURA Global
Alien Technology
Holland RFID
Lyngsoe Systems
Southern Methodist University

Thanks to all the AIM members who made referrals! If you know an individual or organization that would benefit from being part of AIM’s global network, make an introduction or contact AIM Membership to refer a candidate.

AIM Public Review - Ultracode
The deadline to take advantage of the special review for Ultracode at no cost is quickly approaching! If you wish to participate in this effort, be sure to visit Ultracode Public Review before the October 24th deadline.

Industry Event Partnerships
AIM is pleased to partner with leading industry events in the coming months. Check out these options to connect and increase recognition for your organization!

2014 Alien Global Conference & Exhibition
October 14 – 15, 2014
Dayton, OH

UDI Conference 2014
October 28 – 29, 2014
Baltimore, MD

Euro ID | ID World International Congress 2014
November 18 – 20, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany

IDTechEx – Internet of Things Application USA 2014
November 19 – 20, 2014
Santa Clara, CA

February 24 – 26, 2015
San Diego, CA

Check out the wealth of knowledge at the AIM Store!!
Want to keep abreast of the latest trends in the AIDC world, or maybe learn something new? The AIM Store has exactly what you’ll need. From Specifications and Standards to White Papers and Presentations/Webinars, the best resource is right at your fingertips. Even better – many of the items are FREE to AIM Members!! It’s a win-win! Shop the AIM Store today!!

Happenings will be a regular feature of AIMatters. If you have an item of interest or want to share news or recognition highlights from your organization, just submit your information to AIMatters – Happenings.

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