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PathGuide Technologies & Jensen Distribution

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PathGuide Technologies & Jensen Distribution

AIM 2015 AIDC (Non RFID) Case Study Competition Participant

The Business and Technical Challenge
Jensen is a wholesale distributor of hardware and sundries located near Spokane, Washington. Their 570,000 square foot distribution center stocks 65,000 line items and serves eleven western states.
In 2008, Jensen was using a home grown warehouse management system (WMS) with paper based receiving and label based order picking. At that time they were shipping 21,000 lines per average day with 120 warehouse associates. However, growth was anticipated, particularly in the fulfillment of e-commerce orders where accuracy is critical. Operations with the obsolete WMS were error prone and depended heavily on tribal knowledge. In short, this large operation was handicapped by its inadequate WMS.

The Solution
Beginning in 2008 Jensen began to search for a new warehouse management system, selecting PathGuide’s Latitude WMS in early 2009. In order to minimize risk and disruption of the business, the implementation was to done in the following phases:

1) Develop and test an interface between Jensen’s home grown enterprise system and the Latitude WMS.

2) Implement paperless receiving and put away

3) Emulate in Latitude the pre-existing processes of:

a. Label based replenishment and order picking.
b. Shipping validation and document production

4) Implement order picking with voice and exception based bar code scanning.
Accomplishing all four steps was a three year process, being completed in early 2012. Subsequently, voice directed replenishment was implemented, sortation of conveyed cartons was automated, and many software refinements were implemented.

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