AIM Tomorrow

AIM Tomorrow

Innovation, growth and progress are fundamental to AIM’s mission. These are achieved through AIM’s four pillars that serve to connect, standardize and advance automatic identification technologies.


Working together with industry leaders, AIM creates educational webinars, podcasts, industry event tracks, and whitepapers to broaden the understanding of automatic identification technologies.


AIM constantly advocates for the adoption and use of AIDC technologies to bodies like Congress and regulatory agencies that can hold authority in influencing major policies.


AIM develops and maintains many important standards that progress the effective use of AIDC technologies.


AIM fosters a network of professionals that engage in many collaborative efforts that help businesses and AIDC technologies grow.
AIM’s success is reliant on the hard work and dedication of our members who work collectively for the greater good of the industry as a whole. If you would like to get involved to share your voice and be a core contributor to molding the future, please fill out the form below.​

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