Case Study Competition

Each year, AIM recognizes those who have developed and delivered compelling solutions that contribute to the growth and advancement of innovations and cutting edge technologies in the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industry. Winners are selected in four (4) categories: AIDC, Blockchain, IoT, and RFID.

Congratulations to our 2024 winners





AIM Case Study Competition winners represent a mix of industry leaders from across the globe, including:

The goal is to honor individuals and organizations throughout the global AIDC community that are contributing to the faster adoption of new and innovative technologies, as well as to engage international industry collaboration while sharing success stories around applications commercially available in the marketplace today.

AIM launched its first competition in 2013 with the AIDC Case Study Competition, which focused on areas such as barcode and other types of symbology.  In 2014, technologies using radio frequency were also highlighted with the addition of the RFID Case Study Competition.

In 2016, AIM further expanded with the introduction of another new category — the Internet of Things (IoT).  Additionally, AIM introduced a new format featuring a single annual competition, with winners in each technology category announced as a class.

In 2018, added Blockchain, one of the fastest growing categories to its competition!  Case studies that show blockchain in relationship with other AIDC technologies to provide assurances that data is legitimate and the processes that introduce new data are well defined will be featured.

Winners in each competition category will be honored at industry awards events in the year following selection.  In addition, winners will receive special recognition through various media and speaking opportunities to present their winning case study to industry peers.