Industry Groups

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Technical Symbology Committee

TSC members actively work to ensure a complete technical specification is available to the market. Many symbologies published as AIM specifications have been adopted by the international community via the ISO standardization process.

2023 Chairperson | Steve Keddie – GS1 global

RFID Experts Group

Founded in 2004, the REG is the AIM industry group responsible for addressing the standards and issues associated with radio frequency identification (RFID). The REG is currently comprised of over 40 organizations from the U.S., Europe and Asia.

2023 Chairperson | Scott Austin – Zugang Technology Connections 

Visibility Technologies Group

Established to address the technologies that enable connection and data exchange with other systems over networks; as well as create complete transparency across the entire supply chain of  products.   This group is a merger of the former IoT and Track and Trace groups to improve advocacy efforts on projects that had overlapping interests to both groups. 

2023 Chairperson | Kim McCann- Reath