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ISO/IEC 29160

ISO/IEC 29160 – RFID Emblem

The RFID Emblem is a public-domain object intended to augment rather than replace other emblems and logos such as recycling and CE. The RFID Emblem requires no fee for use nor does it have any membership or other use restriction or requirement, other than compliance with this International Standard. 

To obtain the RFID Emblem Standard documentclick here.

To obtain the RFID Emblem Graphicsclick here.

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​As more standards and user applications evolve, additional index assignments will be made. Corresponding graphics will be made available for download from the AIM Store.   

Anyone may request additional index assignments by submitting the RFID Index Assignment Request Form.  Click here to download the form.

The following criteria will be used for additional index assignments:  

  • Requests must come from an internationally recognized Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs). 
  • The technology standard(s) shall be stable.
  • The SDO shall be a widely recognized coding authority.
  • There is a demonstrated need for the assignment. 

​This International Standard specifies the design and use of the RFID Emblem — an easily identified visual guide that indicates the presence of radio frequency identification (RFID). 

It does not address location of the RFID Emblem on a label. Specific placement requirements are left to application standards developers.  It also specifies an RFID Index, which can be included in the RFID Emblem and which addresses the complication added by the wide range of RFID tags (frequency, protocol and data structure). The RFID Index is a two-character code that provides specific information about compliant tags and interrogators. Successful reading of RFID tags requires knowledge of the frequency, protocol and data structure information provided by the RFID Index.

The RFID Emblem provides a visible identification of RFID transponders, interrogators, and tagged items. Visible signs inform consumers whether an item or product contains an RFID tag. Therefore, this meets one of the main requirements for consumer privacy protection.