Elevating Your Connection at RFID Journal LIVE!: Insights and Opportunities Await!

We hope you enjoyed RFID Journal LIVE! It was nice to see you there! Thank you for attending one of AIM’s sponsored panel discussions and/or partnership breakfast.

Whether you are a current or prospective member, or someone interested learning more about the industry, we invite you to learn more about AIM – a global industry association working to grow, develop, and innovate digital asset tracking technologies across all vertical markets. AIM has long been recognized as a leader in the industry in breaking down marketing barriers / constraints.  AIM can help you be taken seriously and to be successful in the global marketplace. 

We would love to set up a quick 15-minute call with you. Simply click on the button below. In the meantime, please check out some of latest initiatives below.

P.S. For those of you who attended the AIM and RAIN Alliance Partnership Breakfast, you can find the presentations at the bottom of this page!

Speaking Opportunities

Showcase your expertise through speaking opportunities at leading industry events like RFID Journal LIVE! and PACK EXPO.  At RFID Journal LIVE! we took part in six panels, which focused on sustainability, anti-counterfeiting, food waste, RFID In sensors in the supply chain and innovations with RFID!

Pavilions at Industry Events

Throughout the year AIM takes part in pavilions at key industry events.  Typically these pavilions are an opportunity to get a discount on a booth and a presence to showcase your innovations to a wider audience.  AIM is currently accepting spots at PACK EXPO in November! 

Worldwide Industry Groups

We have several exciting volunteer opportunities in various work groups including RFID Experts Group, Visibility Technologies Group (which addresses IoT solutions), and Technical Symbology Committee. We are happy to help you find something that meets your interests and serves your organization’s needs. Attached is our Committee Update for your review. The more members get involved, the more they get back, and I am sure you will find this to be true as well. 

Solutions Showcase

This biweekly promotional email showcases AIM member solutions and products and is distributed to more than 18,000 subscribers.  Don’t miss this opportunity to spotlight a demo video, press release, new product, case study or webinar announcement. 

Get Your News Out to the World

 These opportunities will give your company a feature on our newsletter distributed to thousands of subscribers worldwide!


Take Part in the Podcast/Webinar Series

Learn more about participating in the AIM Podcast or Webinar series!  These are EXCLUSIVE member benefits that let you discuss your compelling case studies or explain technology breakthroughs to those interested in the RFID and IoT communities!

The AIM and RAIN Alliance Partnership Breakfast Presentations


AIM Global Update

AIM Vice Chair Patti Blessing gave an update on AIM initiatives.

RAIN Alliance Update

The RAIN Alliance is celebrating 10 years of extraordinary industry success.  Get an update on their latest initiatives.

RAIN Alliance Sustainability Report

This presentation went over connecting corporate sustainability with RAIN RFID

RFID in Emerging Markets

View how RFID is transforming the food, logisitics and circular economy.

Approaching RFID Skeptics

There are those who believe RFID is “magic” and not viable.  Get insights on ways to approach skeptical customers.