Visibility Technologies Industry Group

(Formerly the IoT and Track and Trace Groups)

Established to address the technologies that enable connection and data exchange with other systems over networks; as well as create complete transparency across the entire supply chain of  products.  This group is a merger of the former IoT and Track and Trace groups to improve advocacy efforts on projects that had overlapping interests to both groups. 

Recent Highlights
• Developing the Impact of IoT on Food Waste Whitepaper. The paper addresses the use of IoT technologies that help create a sustainable management of food. The paper addresses the worldwide food waste regulatory landscapes, the keys to creating a more resilient food supply chain and specific examples of food sustainability success through IoT technologies.

• Creating the IoT in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Whitepaper. The IoT’s role within AI and robotics is addressed; explaining how together they achieve intelligent exchange of information between sensors, devices and machines in factories, in order to achieve more with less. The paper taps into how executives and trading partners can access critical data, how this can evolve technology further in the future and how workers can utilize these technologies to create a more efficient work environment.

• Implementing a primer on carbon footprint. The primer will address the importance and benefits of knowing the carbon footprint of a product and how AIDC can be used to measure a product’s carbon footprint for any point of its life.

• Revising the Fundamentals of Track & Trace Whitepaper. This document defines and details the necessary steps for tracking and tracing regardless of the commodity or system that is finally adopted. The revision dives into the fundamental parts of a track and trace system so that an individual company can understand how to build a system to improve itself or comply with upcoming and new regulations and industry norms.

• Developing a calculator to showcase the benefit of a track and trace system. The calculator looks into top drivers of ROI and focuses on theseitems. The calculator is being fleshed out by several vertical markets to give examples of the benefits a traceability system can have for an organization in the long run.

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