Pittsburgh, PA, May 7, 2024 – AIM, the leading industry association with over 50 years of innovation, standards, and solutions in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies, is thrilled to announce the winners of its highly anticipated 2024 Case Study Competition. This annual event recognizes trailblazing individuals and organizations that have developed groundbreaking solutions contributing to the advancement of digital identification technologies worldwide.

The winners, chosen from a pool of exceptional submissions, represent the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in their respective categories. Each case study exemplifies the transformative impact these technologies have in diverse industries, showcasing real-world applications that drive efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.  This year’s winners are RFID Brasil, Wiliot, iTRACE Technologies, and SAIT. These companies were selected based on the categories of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Internet of Things (IoT), Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) and Blockchain respectively.


RFID Category Winner: RFID Brasil – Their winning project focuses on revolutionizing PET bottle recycling through the strategic implementation of RFID technology. By leveraging RFID tags on PET bottle bales, the project enhances traceability, transparency, and accountability throughout the recycling journey. This innovative approach significantly improves recycling efficiency, reduces waste, and promotes resource optimization, aligning with global sustainability goals.

IoT Category Winner: Wiliot – They emerged as the winner in the IoT category with their groundbreaking ambient IoT Visibility Platform. The platform addresses misshipment challenges for an online retailer, delivering real-time tracking and eliminating manual scanning errors through battery-free IoT Pixels affixed to shipping boxes.

AIDC Category Winner: iTRACE Technologies, a two-time winner, claimed victory in the AIDC category with their exceptional project in collaboration with Rolls-Royce Aerospace. The project addresses the critical challenge of safeguarding the aerospace and defense supply chain from counterfeit parts. Employing a unique, secure identifier resistant to cloning, iTRACE seamlessly integrated this technology into Rolls-Royce’s manufacturing process. After rigorous testing from the Rolls-Royce cyber security team, the iTRACE 2DMI® Two-Dimensional Marking Identifier proved highly effective with authentication tests consistently identifying genuine parts and rejecting clones and copies. Additionally, iTRACE successfully implemented the 2DMI® marks on production dot peen machines, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout the supply chain against counterfeit parts and components.

Blockchain Category Winner: SAIT – also a two-time winner, served up SAIT’s Wineability™ integrated solution in the Blockchain category for addressing challenges faced by wineries, including bottle distribution tracking and compliance with labeling legislation. By utilizing RFID technology and QR codes, Wineability™ facilitates comprehensive traceability from the winery to customer tables, enhancing transparency and value throughout the supply chain.

“These outstanding case studies exemplify the power of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change within the industry,” said Mary Lou Bosco, Chief Executive Officer of AIM Global. “We congratulate the winners for their exceptional achievements and their contributions to advancing technology and sustainability.”

Winners will be honored at industry events later this year and will have the opportunity to present their winning case studies to industry peers. To learn more about the winning case studies and download them, visit the Case Study Competition web page.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact AIM’s headquarters by email at info@aimglobal.org or call +1.724.742.4470.


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